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Are you looking to put your business on the Internet? or Perhaps you already have a website but you are not getting the hits you expected !!!

In either case we can probably help you.

web page design

- our approach is one of keeping it simple, but effective - we are only interested in improving business performance, we are not looking to try out the latest technical gizzmo etc. In our view, the most effective sites are ones which are easy to navigate and clearly describe what it is they are promoting. Sites which sell products, should state the price and how to order. We support a number of different ecommerce solutions as appropriate to business size.

search engines

- you may have an attractive web site, but unless it has been designed with a good understanding of the needs of search engines in web page design, then you are unlikely to be maximising your hit rates. There are many companies guaranteeing top ten positions - what we say is: "We understand how search engines work, we have improved the performance of many of our clients' sites and they are pleased with the results". We are therefore confident that we can normally get sites into good ranking positions.

MJB Services is located in the West Midlands in Henley-in Arden, UK, a small town which is equidistant from Solihull, Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Member of the National Association of Approved Internet Services

An authorised reseller of Actinic E-commerce software.

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