Web Page design costs

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How much for a web-site?
What will it cost to build a website? or
How long is a piece of string?
The answer in both cases is : "it all depends...."

Do you already have webspace and an Internet Service provided by a reputable ISP? Have you purchased a Domain Name? How big is your initial site to be? What graphics are required and how are they to be created? Is your site going to offer secure online ordering? Is there to be a lot of bespoke scripting to make the site dynamic? Is the task to take an existing site and make it more effective? Does the site require access to online database(s)? Where in the world are you located? (while most of the sites we deal with are UK businesses, we have developed and maintain sites for clients in France and South Africa)

Depending upon the answers to the above, we will be able to give you a fair idea of the cost of meeting your requirements. To give you an idea of likely charges here are some prices:

Hourly rates: - our hourly rates vary between £40 and £50 depending upon the skill involved and in some cases, the client location. The majority of work undertaken is charged on a time and materials basis, although fixed price quotes can be given for well defined pieces of work.
Web space and Domain names: - again this will depend upon the nature of the site and the technical environment required but as a guide, a simple website without the need for ecommerce or database could cost as little as £50 per year and a more sophisticated site would be in the order of £125 per annum for the service and domain name.
Designing and implementing a web-site: Having purchased the domain name and established the technical environment, then our costs for developing the site will be based on the hourly rates above. The simplest sites we have set up have cost as little as £200 and the most expensive £2000+. The normal price for an initial basic web-site for a small business is about £450. Further changes and enhancements are charged out on the hourly rates defined above.
Setting up Ecommerce systems: - another wide ranging set of costs depending upon requirements. Often a significant cost is the underlying software which if purchased off the shelf is going to be around £250 upwards for a reputable product, then there is the populating of the database with images, product descriptions, costs etc. Typically costs for setting up a catalogue of 80+ items will cost in the region of £800 upwards.
Improving searchability of existing sites: - as above this will depend upon the nature of the site. Typical sites will normally take between 2 and 4 hours (£90 - £200) to make the necessary changes, test the effect of the changes, and submit to the major search engines.

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