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I had the pleasure of attending Archbishop Tenisons Grammar School from 1955 until 1962. Looking back, I now realise how lucky I was to attend a school that worked hard and played hard. Although I have only kept in direct contact with a few of my school mates ("Sam" Weller, "Wolly" Handrihan and Keith Ford), I have very good memories of Tenisons; the boys and teachers were, in the main, a great bunch and the school location was second to none, being opposite the Oval Cricket Ground!!

A year or so ago, I signed up to the Friends Reunited website (after a prod from Keith!) to see if there were others from my era that I could make contact with again after so many years. I was delighted to find a few names I knew - Vic Leverett and Kenny Gibbs to mention a couple. Vic, who at school was always one to take the lead, emailed a number of us to sound out the idea of a get together in London around the end of 2002, and so it was 6 "Old Tenisonians" (Vic Leverett; Alan Rowlinson; David May; Reg Cook; Michael Hutton and myself) met up in the Sherlock Holmes Pub, close to Trafalgar Square on the night of 30 December 2002. We were joined by one of Vic's primary school mates, Ed Chandler and his daughter. Below are a few photos taken on the night.

I have to say that I really enjoyed conversing about our school days some forty years on! I am sure we all did, so much so, that we have put a date in the diary for another get together -


Date: Probably during the last week in December 2007 @ 1.30pm in the Sherlock Holmes pub, Trafalgar Square - See you there.

Pictures from the 2002 GET TOGETHER
Vic Leverett and Alan Rowlinson David May
Vic Leverett with Alan Rowlinson in the background David May
Reg Cook, Martin Bartlett and Michael Hutton
Reg Cook, Martin Bartlett and Michael Hutton Ed Chandler with his daughter
Pictures from the 2004 GET TOGETHER

Kylie Brown joined the group after her father, Ron Brown (at Tenisons between 1955 - 1960) had spotted the reunion from his home in Australia.

If anyone who reads this is interested in attending our next get together likely to bein the last week of December 2007 in London, please either email myself ( or Vic Leverett (

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